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The Comeback of Former Idols SA contestant twins Anele and Neliswa Mxakaza.

The silence is finally broken. The former Idols SA contestants twins have bounced back with the release of their new single.

Ever since the public allegations made by the twins against pastor Timothy Omotoso, of the Jesus Dominion International Church, the duo have been relegated to the rear and have been on a low.

With their bounce back, Former Idols SA contestants Anele and Neliswa Mxakaza have come up with a new brand name; ‘Amali’ which means ‘hope’ in Swahili and their new single, titled “Take Me Back.”

The duo have acknowledged the efforts of their manager- Luyolo Beku, in the rebranding and renaming of the group. The name, they said, totally expresses the fact that the group is out to a fresh new start and is lending itself as a vessel of hope to the mass of helpless and broken people.

For them, it hasn’t been an easy walk since the start of the case in 2017. The threat and insecurity arising from their case with Pastor Omotosho has left a lot of things hanging in their lives. But not anymore, as they have decided to reclaim their lives and music career even with the ongoing case.

They acknowledged that although they lost a lot to the case, they have learnt vital lessons from the experience. Their new hit has been making waves and the group- Amali is on to a collaboration project with twins; Viggy and Virginia Qwabe.

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