The Rice Water Magic- For Your Face Care Routine and Haircare.

I can bet that you have heard about rice water for haircare procedure. Its most popular uses are as hair shampoo, conditioner and for everything hair, but I doubt that you have heard the wonders that rice water does to your skin, especially the face.

Rice water
Rice water

First of all, rice is a grain that contains a very active phytic acid called the inositol hexaphosphate. The inositol hexaphosphate is contained in the bran (the outermost part of the grain) and is known to give off nutrients for a wide variety of health benefits.

I also recently just heard about its facial magic. Its been about three weeks since i’ve been using the rice water on my face as a fight against acne and its spots and guess what, all that comes to mind is the reason i’ve never tried it out before now.

In just one week of use, I felt a change in the texture of my face, the oiliness and the glow that my face gives off. This one was in fact beyond the ones I feel in many weeks of using all of the very expensive face care products that i’ve used in the past.

So for a fast one, I’ll be explaining the different benefits that rice water offers, and then I’ll take you through how to make and preserve your water.

Rice Water for Facial Care

For the face, rice water offers a lot of health benefit. ‘ll be making a succinct list of them all.

  • Reduced oil for oily faces

Rice water is safe for the face as a control of oil secretion. It is able to strike a balance such that your face doesn’t get too dry nor oily. With consistent use, it gives your face an eventual long-lasting matte look.

  • Skin moisturizing

Get ready for really supple, soft and bouncy cheeks. Your face will begin to feel like that of a baby.

  • Facial glow

Rice water helps the face glow. Mine was in few days. In just few days of use, I already noticed a different kind of natural glow on my face.

  • Tightened skin pores

Rice water tightens the skin while reducing pore sizes. And this protect the skin from dirt that cause skin problem.

  • Perfect make up finishing

Because it rids your face of unnecessary excess oil, it helps your make up stay longer and fresher on your face all day.

  • Reduced redness and inflammation of acne

This is my major deal. I’m so glad I came across the wonder. If you cannot understand why i’m gushing over rice water, its either you have not battled a facial condition that nearly ripped you of your self esteem or the news of the wonders of rice water hasn’t gotten to you firsthand.

What it does is to immediately flatten the swollen acne and take out the redness, and not just that, it takes out whatever dark spot was left from a pimple.

You should however note that while the use of rice water is not a promised ‘goodbye’ to acne pop-ups, especially if your condition is hormone-induced (because let’s face reality, acne is more of an internal problem than an external, and therefore cannot entirely be combated with routines on the face), what it promises you is a very fast combat against the acne.
Also note that it doesn’t just work for acne. It works for all inflammation-related skin abnormalities, and even for eczema.

  • Anti aging

It minimizes free radical damages from the environment such as sun rays and aging.
Brighter and even-toned face
It helps to get rid of the dark age spot.

  • Skin tone

The rice solution is a natural skin toner. It gives your face a well-toned skin hue. It influences blood flow too.

Rice Water for Hair Care

  • Hair Shampoo

To get your rice water hair shampoo, all you need to do is add rosemary oil, lavender or geranium essential oil to the rice water and apply then on your hair while washing.

  • Strength for Hair

It is rich in amino acids which is known for improving the strength and volume of hair. 

  • Balances the PH level of the scalp

Rice water doesn’t contain chemicals and this helps to balance the scalp’s PH level.

  • It improves Hair texture and shine

The ruce water mixture softens, detangles, and improves hair elasticity.

How to Prepare Your Rice Water

Rice water in preparation
Rice water on preparation
  • Get a little more than a half cup of rice.
  • Pour the rice into a bowl.
  • Put enough water in it to have the rice be fully submerged in the water by an inch.
  • Let your rice get soaked in the water for about 15 to 30 mins.
  • You do not need to boil or cook it.
  • After 15- 30 minutes of soaking, sieve out the water from the rice, and put it in a clean container with lid.
  • Refrigerate the water.
  • Now you have your rice water magic.
  • Apply it in the morning and night for facials, and twice weekly for hair care.

For better results, it is best to use brown or red rice.

I hope you found this piece useful. Drop a comment in the comment section if you did, and share the news about ricewater.

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