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Twitter Drama, Tife and Sansa back again as Tife revisits rape allegations

The once celebrated Tife and Sansa Twitter relationship that went sour some months ago and ended in accusations of rape, blackmail and all sorts have resurfaced on the streets of Twitter.

Tife and Sansa

Tife and Sabsa had one of the most amazing relationships. They always flaunted their bliss and love everytime they got the chance to. Following their breakup, there have been a lot of revelation of behind-the-scene errs, and bitterness. Twitter witnessed series of name calling, and indirect public insults especially from the Twitter influencer; Tife to his one-time sweetheart; Sansa. Although most of it had met silence from Sansa.

The straw that broke the camel’s back and leaked the anger and hurts in Sansa against Tife was the leakage of her nude pictures and the public claim that she was a cheat and a hoe while in the relationship. The claim was released on a gossip blog and it went viral.

Sansa and Tife

At the breakout of the news and her pictures, Sansa took to the TL and called Tife out for being behind the release, and making claims of him being a rapist amongst other things.

At this accusation, Tife promised to take legal actions against her for defamation of his identity but later backed off his plans, releasing an apology to Sansa and owning up to her claims.

Twitter Drama, Tife and Sansa back again as Tife revisits rape allegations | Free Surge Magazine
Twitter Drama, Tife and Sansa back again as Tife revisits rape allegations | Free Surge Magazine

The matter went on a low as Sansa agreed to forgive him and let bygones be bygones for the sake of her peace.

Twitter fans thought they had had it all, until Tife came back with another series of tweet this morning. His tweet has continued to generate more controversy on the topic.

Tife, Sansa’s ex-boyfriend revisited the rape allegations made against him by Sansa, stating that he was so traumatized by the incident and that was why he took a hasty step in apologizing without first clearing things.

“I’m sorry this thread is coming late, I didn’t have the strength and mental balance to compose and drop this when the whole matter was heated because I was not only sad, I was shocked to my teeth,” Tife wrote on Twitter.

In his new tweets, he explained how the night of his birthday played out, how Sansa had traveled from Ife to Benin, how they had consensual sex, saying he had no reason to rape Sansa when she personally helped him put on protection.
He claimed that he has never raped anyone.

He said that the allegations of rape Sansa made against him “shows the length people could go just to ruin you.”

He backed up his claims with a couplescreenshot of their Whatsapp chats and explained how intelligent and manipulative Sansa could be.

The crux of his tweet was to clear his name off the list of rapists as he claimed sex between them both was always consensual.

This is the latest on Tife and Sansa, as Sansa, has not dropped replies to Tife’s new tweets.

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