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Toke Makinwa Is A Partner with God.

Toke Makinwa is a partner with God
Toke Makinwa is a partner with God

Toke Makinwa is a beautiful, witty, and ageless Nigerian media personality and entrepreneur. She is known for always raving the media space with gutty and scintillating contents each and every time.

Only recently, Toke Makinwa went on social media with nude pictures of herself. This was as a reaction to the threats of a blackmailer who had been to her dm on Instagram threatening to release a nude picture of her.

Her actions had raised hope for other of such blackmail victims. It also served as deterrence to other intending blackmailers as other victims and celebrities joined in the Toke’s voice and were also speaking up and creating buzz around it.

The mother, grandmother, and fashionista media personality and entrepreneur; Toke Makinwa, although considered controversial, is always giving us inspiring content as she is known to always speak her mind, whether or not it aligns with popular opinions. And in most cases, it does not.
She nevertheless is an icon and a role model in her rights.

Toke Makinwa is a regular Tither and First Fruit payer.

Just few hours ago, Toke Makinwa revealed on social media that she is a regular tithe payer stating that she sees it as her own way of partnering with God.

She explained extensively that as an individual, the art of paying tithes should be a personal decision, based on the conviction to or not to.

In her tweet some hours ago, she went on about Daddy Freeze‘s stand on the payment of tithe and what her thoughts are.

Daddy Freeze on tithing
Daddy Freeze on tithing

She talked on how people should have personal views on such important issues as tithing, and not just be swayed by teachings all around. She disclosed that she doesn’t just pay her tithe, but owes the first fruit of every of her new business venture to God.

Toke Makinwa on tithe
Tithing, First fruits and Givings.

This she said, might just be the secret behind her entrepreneurial success as she can’t help but boast in God.
Details of her tweet read thus:

”The power of “first fruit”, while I think paying tithes/giving your first fruit is a personal journey/conviction.

I can’t help but boast in God. Every business venture I have ever gone into, I pay my first fruit not because he needs it, but it’s my way of partnering with God.”

The issue of tithing has been a heated debate especially in Nigeria following a call out by Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze.

Daddy Freeze who is the convener of the Free The Sheeple Movement has been on an anti-tithing protest, campaigning not just against the payment of 10% but also against seed sowing and first fruits.

Severally, he has called out many prominent Nigerian pastors and clergymen for their stand on tithing and offerings.

The controversial personality uses the scriptures to show why pastors should be giving tithe not accepting it.

In one of his teachings against collections by religious leaders, he says:

“Money is a byproduct of love, of seeking God, a byproduct of success… In the Free Nation, we are distilling for love, seeking God, the fruits of the spirit and by the time you get all these things, at the end of the day, money will come in.”

According to Freeze, the Levitical tithe is not sacred. In fact, he says, it is “bullocks, bull” because it is based on the Torah, which is the law.

His teachings and opinions have been met with mixed reactions, while some agree with him, many others slam him as being blasphemous and trying to lead people astray from God.

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